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Getting Things Done

Take action or take initiative is a “saying” that I use a lot in my articles and daily life. Because I’m a man of action and I’m not very fond of thinking or worrying , I rather do something about it.

But a missing key element I forgot to include is “following through” because you can go and start hitting the gym (taking action) but if you’re just going to bail out the next day then what’s the point? ( Not following through).

Taking action is easy because it doesn’t usually take a lot. Stuff like taking the trash out  or approaching that cute girl takes minimum effort really. However taking action for a pro-longed time is one of the biggest issue for a lot of people. It’s the failure of sticking to something that is one of the biggest reason people don’t succeed in the areas they seek improvement.

Let’s use the above gym example again.

One of the biggest reason why people fail at sticking to a workout plan  is not because they don’t want to do it. It’s simply a case of motivation for a continuous act of action for a pro-longed time that is the problem. I’ve spoken to hundreds of men & women they all say they wish they could lose a few pounds or get a bit fitter. Some of them take action and do something about it, however many of them never reach their goals and end up back at square one .

So what’s the difference between people who gets things done compared to those who doesn’t?


This is huge guys! Without Leverage we rarely get things done. If you tell an overweight person that either you lose weight or die, there’s a bigger chance for he’s actually going to follow through. There’s a leverage at stake here which is his survival. While were on the dieting topic one of the most popular reality tv shows in recent years is “The biggest loser”. Here we see the majority of these individuals making an amazing transformation in their bodies and lives.

Is it because they have their fitnesses instructors yelling at them daily? Well it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Is it because they can win thousands of dollars? Definitely a big motivation and leverage.

Is it because their families are worried and they want them to change? Definitely another motivational source and leverage.

Keep yourself accountable or get someone to do it for you

 But let’s say they didn’t have that leverage. Let’s say they didn’t get paid and their family members was fine with their size and their doctors weren’t worried. Do you still think they would make such an amazing transformations?

It’s obvious you don’t need to join a TV show to actually lose weight. But it’s also clear you need leverage in order to get things done or someone to keep you accountable. Even if the only one that wants that change is you. If there’s something I need to get done I always hold myself accountable for it.

I usually say something like this:
” I will get ____ done, by this ____ time. If not I will shave my head”

Haha you don’t need to do that.

That’s just an extreme example of stuff I’ve done and it was more fun than seriousness but nevertheless if I failed at it I would’ve shaved my head. I’m not telling you to do what I did. But still make it something that you don’t really want to do like run 8 laps around your training court or read 3 books within a week.

You must have leverage and most importantly keep your word.

So if you failed at your goal and you gave your word on shaving your head, then shave your head. Because in my opinion going back on your own word is a loser move. Plus this helps you get into the motion of being a person of action, dedication to your goals and using leverage as the ultimate source for motivation.goal

So if you find yourself slacking off and not getting things done on time or at all. Start using leverage. That’s how I lost my Playstation 4 by the way. I used it as leverage to finish a report. My console can now be found frantically enjoyed by my kid brother.

Trust me I wont let this happen again or at least I promise I’ll do absolutely everything in my power to achieve my goals and keep my word. Playstation 4s are expensive.

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Alex Wise is a blog contributor and dating consultant for dating site – a place for single Romanian people to connect based on their common interests. He’s a long time blogger with an appetite for technology. During the day, Alex also works as a personal life coach.  Follow him on the company site or on Facebook and Twitter

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